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Vanessa :)
MacArthur Family Crest & Motto
Fide et Opera:   By Faith and Work
As with ours, many of the clan mottos originate in Latin.   We feel ours is unique. Within these three words lie the power of our clan. The combination of faith and work create an unstoppable force. It has been used throughout history by MacArthurs, and has described us throughout time. It has helped found corporations, industries and countries. It has made Presidents, and has even launched MacArthurs into space. If you ever see a successful MacArthur, analyze her and you will see our motto at work.
Vanessa MacArthur has already established herself as a live performer in and around her home province of Newfoundland. With the release of her debut CD, MacArthur Drive, Vanessa exhibits her talent as a gifted singer-songwriter with an exceptional voice.

On MacArthur Drive, MacArthur partners with some of the best instrumentalists Newfoundland has to offer.   Barry Musseau is a master of guitar and adds unparalleled instrumental skill to the project, as does drummer Max Piercey.   Max is a veteran drummer whose career spans over three decades.

MacArthur was in control of every part of the process, contributing as composer, arranger, and co-producer of the project in order to craft a final album that is a clear fulfillment of her own vision.  

MacArthur’s work comes from her heart.   In “Out of My Mind”, she writes about the loss of her husband from Carbon Monoxide poison and their fifteen month old son he left behind.   In “Daddy’s Little Girl”, she writes about how surreal it was to know that her father is going to succumb to his cancer and not know how she would deal with it.   In “This Ain’t Life”, she writes about child poverty and pleads with the audience to do their part.
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